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Managers and Coaches Registration

The following guide is for new and returning managers/coaches participating in the 2024 NOBAS season.  Both parts of the registration process need to be completed in order to assign a manager or coach to an official team.  If you have any questions about these steps please contact the appropriate director (t-ball, baseball, softball).

Part 1: Click Below to Register with NOBAS 

Part 2: Register with Babe Ruth League

  1. Go to the Babe Ruth League website and create/access your Babe Ruth League membership
  2. Select the 2023-2024 Coach Membership option and click next

    • During this process any previous required abuse prevention training or background check that is eligible and valid will get verified.  If you already have the valid background check and abuse prevention training you should get verified automatically.

    • If you need to complete the abuse prevention training and background check, you can use the code provided during the coaches meeting.  

  3. Confirm that you have a valid coaching membership by going to and log in.

  4. Click on "Household" and look for your profile

  5. Click "View Profile" and look for your coaching eligibility status on the right (see screenshot below)

  6. You can download/print or save your Babe Ruth Coaches membership card for future reference.

Play- up Policy

NOBAS Play Up Policy



League Play ONLY:

 NOBAS understands that there are concerns about safety, emotional readiness, impact on the quality of play, and physical ability so NOBAS has a Play up policy. There are select cases where players should be playing at a higher level of baseball or softball than their age determines. The Play up Policy is limited to ages 6-8-year-olds (see eligibility below). The Play up Policy Committee will evaluate each player and determine if that player is ready to play at the higher level. A request must be submitted to the league for the league season year that the player wants to be considered for playing up to a higher level. All players are still required to register for the division determined by their birth certificate.


Denied Requests:

  1. Social factors such as friendships, carpooling, or convenience.
  2. If any pressure is put on the committee by any person(s) including the parent(s) to approve a player for the Play up Policy.
  3. More than one year age jump.
  4. The player will NOT take the place of a league age player.
  5. The player will NOT be placed on a team that already has twelve or more rostered players.



Play up requests that are considered for boys:

  1. T-ball to Minors AA. Must be league age 6.
  2. Minors AA to Minors AAA. Must be League age 8.
  3. League age 9’s will NOT be considered to play up to Majors.

Eligibility (continued):

Play up requests that are considered for girls:

  1. T-ball to Minors softball. Must be league age 6.
  2. League age 8’s will NOT be considered to play up to Majors.


Request Process:

  1. Register the player in the division determined by their birth certificate.
  2. Send an Email to l requesting that the player be evaluated for the Play up Policy. Include in the email the player’s name, date of birth, league age, parent’s contact information, desired division the player would want to be considered for, and a brief reason for the player to be considered to play up. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE TRYOUTS*** NO EXCEPTIONS
  3. “MUST” attend both tryouts to be evaluated by the Play up Policy Committee.


Play up Policy Committee:

Three board members: T-Ball Director, Baseball Director, and Softball Director. Any three of the board members can have a designee attend in their place. The vote must be UNANIMOUS for the player to play up.